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Alpha 525 kg

New Alpha-525 kg mtow, ready to fly when you are...

The Alpha Trainer with 80 hp Rotax is the perfect aircraft for teaching new student pilots. Modern, high performance and comfortable, quiet and equipped with a Parachute rescue system, it reduces flight costs.

Easy to fly, with short field landing capability with electric airbrakes, makes the Alpha a superb microlight. Certified to UK BCAR-S standards


Explorer is Type Certified by EASA as Light Sports Aircraft with 600 kg. mtom. Certified for Day & Night VFR and spinning. With Garmin Avionics, Autopilot, Constant Speed Propellor, Tow hook, can be used for commercial purposes. The Explorer is "IFR Ready"

The Explorer is a unique aircraft perfectly suitable for zero to hero training.


The VSW127 is UK approved, factory built microlight with 600 kg mtow.

High performance, Frugal fuel burn, quiet, comfortable with 500 nm range and 125kt cruise.

Velis Electro

Now available as EASA certified light aircraft perfectly suitable for PPL training. Especially for circuit flying where low noise and zero emissions is an attraction. 

This is not a microlight but a highly sophisticated fully electric aircraft developed and evolved over the last 10 years.

Pipistrel continue to be the world leader producing series

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