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Alpha 525 BCAR-S UK
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Available on Lease to Schools & Clubs

The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer represents a new concept of economic training for pilots!

  • ALPHA TRAINER combines quality with Affordable flying with no performance set-backs is now here! 

  • Now with 525kg mtow.

  • Easy to Fly, fitted with Dual Controls

  • Affordable to purchase for Individuals;

  • higly profitable for schools to operate;

  • cheaper for club members to fly.

  • Very Economical to operate:- 100 kt at 10 lt of petrol per hour

  • 380 nm Range on 50 litres unleaded petrol

  • The aircraft has been engineered with the "essence of training" as its primary design goal; training ab-initio pilots

  • Most aircraft are too expensive for the average person or flight school to purchase, but Pipistrel has developed an entirely new approach to flight training and at a cost nearly half that of our competitors.

  • Fitted with Ballistic Parachute Total Aircraft Recovery System for added safety of Pilot and Passenger.

  • Audio Stall Warner

  • Haptic Stall Warner (stick shaker)

  • Electric Air Brakes for short field performance

  • Garmin Radio

  • Garmin Transponder

  • Garmin GPS

  • Electric Pitch Trim Control

  • Wing tip lights + Tail Beacon

  • Super Bright LED Landing light

  • Wheel Fairings

  • Baggage Compartment with tie down rings

  • 2 x USB sockets with Type A + Type C 

  • Cigar Lighter socket

  • Intercom + 2 Headsets

  • Analogue and Digital Display instruments

  • Auxiliary Electric Fuel Pump

  • Adjustable Rudder Pedals

  • Cabin Heating Control

  • Air Vents on windows + Cabin Ceiling

  • Cabin Upholstery + Carpets

  • Leather cover for Joystick

  • Noise and heat insulation on engine compartment

  • Noise insulation in Cabin compartment

  • Two "glove compartments" for convenient storage

  • Protected Ignition toggle switches

  • Circuit Breakers for all electricals

  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes with Parking Lock

  • Comfortable cockpit

Come test fly the Alpha 525
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