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Alpha 525 BCAR-S UK
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Available on Lease to Schools & Clubs

The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer represents a new concept of economic training for pilots!

  • ALPHA TRAINER combines quality with Affordable flying with no performance set-backs is now here! 

  • Now with 525kg mtow.

  • Easy to Fly, fitted with Dual Controls

  • Affordable to purchase for Individuals;

  • higly profitable for schools to operate;

  • cheaper for club members to fly.

  • Very Economical to operate:- 100 kt at 10 lt of petrol per hour

  • 380 nm Range on 50 litres unleaded petrol

  • The aircraft has been engineered with the "essence of training" as its primary design goal; training ab-initio pilots

  • Most aircraft are too expensive for the average person or flight school to purchase, but Pipistrel has developed an entirely new approach to flight training and at a cost nearly half that of our competitors.

  • Fitted with Ballistic Parachute Total Aircraft Recovery System for added safety of Pilot and Passenger.

Alpha delivery in about 6 months from order
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