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Pipistrel Explorer Night photo (2).jpg
Pipistrel Explorer Aircraft - cockpit view (4).jpg

Explorer ready for Delivery in 3 Weeks from order & payment. Call now to place your order.

available on Lease to Schools & Clubs

Read Flight Review in

Pilot Mag April 2020

The Explorer is an EASA Type Certified Aircraft

Perfect for "zero to hero" training 

Day & Night VFR.

Cleared for intentional spinning, ideal for UPRT (upset prevention & recovery training)

(cost to buy new Explorer is €210 k plus tax)

600 kg maximum take off weight.

  • Perfect for Flight Training for SEP, Day & Night VFR

  • Intentional Spinning, UPRT

  • Dual Controls 

  • Fully equipped for IMC training

  • Fast flying at 135 knots; economic 18 lt petrol burn

  • Range of 600 nm;

  • Baggage capacity 25 kg.

  • Increases profit for Flying Schools

  • Reduced club hire costs

  • Aero Towing of Gliders optional

  • Low maintenance 100 hp Rotax Engine

  • Fuel injection engine option

  • Turbo engine option

  • Fully Carbon composite airframe with no corrosion

  • Total Aircraft Parachute Recovery system

  • I.F.R. Ready

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