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Velis Electric
(EASA/UK Type Certified)

The first series production fully electric Aircraft in the world. Performance of the Electro 2-seat electric trainer is tailored to the needs of flight schools. Short take-off distance, powerful 1000+ fpm climb, and endurance of one hour plus a 20 minute reserve.


The Velis Electric is optimized for traffic-pattern operations, especially at noise sensitive airports. 

Conduct training on smaller airfields closer to towns with zero C02 emissions and minimum noise is also a game changer! Velis now has the EASA Type Certificate and is being delivered now....

Call us now on 07540 899 690 to book your test flight.


If you are a flight school or flying club we can offer you a complete training package lease of the VSW121 plus the the Velis Electric and the Simulator, plus the On-Line courses.

Free Flight Electric Trailer

Pipistrel is presenting another World's first – the concept of Flying For Free. Pipistrel developed the Solar Trailer(R), which can charge-up the Taurus Electro G2 absolutely free and with zero emissions! Charging with the help of the Solar Trailer offers 1 kW of usable energy, this means charging time 10 hours for 30-Ah batteries and 12 hours for 40-Ah batteries.
Furthermore, when the Taurus Electro G2 is stored in the trailer during a week of bad weather, it will still be charged and ready to fly by the weekend. The Solar Trailer and Taurus Electro G2 are perfect companions and demonstrate how it is possible to fly free of charge, quietly and with absolutely zero emissions, with today's technology!

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