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Alpha Trainer

Designed for flight schools and easy to fly for student pilots...

Some comments about the Alpha Trainer aircraft :-

"it has the stability of the C-42 and the speed of the CT; best of both and none of the vices... " from a very experienced flight instructor...

"The quality of finish of aircraft is from another planet" from an engineer pilot who test flew it recently...

I have now flown the Alpha Trainer for more than 150 hours across 14 countries in the last 3 months and am impressed by its speed and frugal fuel consumption. The comfortable cockpit is quiet due to excellent insulation on the firewall. The control harmony at cruise speed of 90 knots is excellent. The low speed handling is predictable, despite the adverse yaw with full flaps and high angle of attack.

But don't believe me, come and test fly the Alpha Trainer to find out why this is the most profitable aircraft specially designed for microlight schools.

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